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From George Snyder <>
Subject Distributed Builds Always Use Same Agent
Date Thu, 01 Oct 2009 20:30:40 GMT

Hello --

I am trying to set up Continuum 1.3.4 to run certain builds on SunOS
machines and other builds on Linux machines.  However, when I enable
Distributed Builds, all builds seem to run on the first enabled build agent. 
My distributed builds configuration looks like:

Build Definition: "SunOS 9 Install"
    Environment: "SunOS 9 Builds"
        Build Agent Group: "SunOS 9 Agents"
            Build Agent: "BldSun1" =

Build Definition: "Linux RH Install"
    Environment: "Linux RH Builds"
        Build Agent Group: "Linux RH Agents"
            Build Agent: "BldLnx1" =

If both agents are enabled, then both build definitions alwayw run on the
SunOS agent (BldSun1).  If I disable that agent, then both build definitions
always run on the Linux agent (BldLnx1).

Is this the same problem as described in CONTINUUM-2349?


  "Note that all of your agents need to be identical, as there is no way to
  control which agent Continuum chooses.."

It's not clear to me whether this means all the agents in a build agent
group (seems most likely), or all the agents running on a host, or all
agents known to a master.  Can someone please clarify?

-- Thanks,
-- George Snyder

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