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From Adrian Wiesmann <>
Subject Re: Automated installation after build
Date Mon, 17 Aug 2009 09:04:20 GMT
Wendy Smoak <> wrote:

> Please point out areas where you had trouble with the docs, so we can
> improve them!

The main problem I am having is to understand where Continuum stops and
where tools like Ant and Maven start. Which feature is part of Continuum
and which feature is part of a third party library. When understanding
this it becomes less complicated to find the correct source for help.

> The easiest way to accomplish this is probably to make it part of your
> Ant script.  I know there is a copy task, and I'd be surprised if
> there weren't Ant tasks for Tomcat.

You are right, I could use the copy task from my Ant script (there already
is one). What I did not understand (see my problem above) was if that copy
mechanism already is a feature of Continuum or if I should use an Ant

So just a follow up question: when using some copy task from my Ant
script. Should I add a new Ant task to my continuum configuration, or
should I just call a build task in my Ant script which also publishes the
application? Whats the good practice there?

Thanks for your help,

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