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From Martin Höller <>
Subject Re: Build planification ignore/fail on test produce unexpected result
Date Thu, 13 Aug 2009 09:00:06 GMT
On Thursday 13 August 2009 Julien HENRY wrote:
> If I understand the failsafe plugin documentation and your suggestion, it
> means failing the build during the verify phase instead of test phase.
> So I will try something like:
> 1)
> configure failsafe plugin to be attached to the test phase instead of
> the integration-test one


> 2) disable surefire


> 3) mvn clean post-integration-test site site-deploy sonar:sonar install
> verify

Not 'verify' but 'failsafe:verify'. Or configure the failsafe:verify goal to 
be executed in some phase like verify.

> Anyway I can already tell I don't like this solution as it smells too
> much a hack for me and it will make it harder for my users to understand
> the purpose of all this mess.

Well, I'm afraid you either have to live with it, or enhance surefire (which 
would be the nicest option).

> What a pity there is no separate verify goal on the surefire plugin...

Maybe you should search surefire's JIRA for related issues. I think I 
remember a similar discussion on the maven-user list some time ago.

- martin

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