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From Ted Scott <>
Subject Re: 1.2.3 war deployment fails on glassfish container. [solved]
Date Thu, 11 Jun 2009 18:12:14 GMT
Thank you Christian!

After I realized that I had an SMTP server available in my XP 
environment, I was able to successfully deploy 1.2.3 under glassfish on 
XP. Once I figure out how to set up the fake messaging in the solaris 
cluster (SMTP is not an option there due to security concerns) I'm sure 
that I can get it going there for the group to use.

All I had to do was define the mail session resource and deploy. 
Continuum appears to be happy now, and possibly the command line 
arguments you specified are only required for deployment behind a mod_jk 

Should I file a documentation bug (or a bug, since there are 
environments that do not have access to an SMTP server) so someone knows 
to update at least the deployment page?

It would be nice if the messaging configuration could happen from inside 
the management interface.

Thanks again for the reply, I think I'm on the road to success now.

Now about the what is the Deployment Repository question, if you can 
shed any light on that I would be indebted to your generosity.


Christian Schulte wrote:
> Ted Scott schrieb:
>> Mail session? First I've heard about needing it. The install 
>> destructions I'm using are at: 
>> Is that new since 1.1? I htere a way to turn it off, our dev cluster is 
>> not able to hit an SMTP server, although I could set up one that sends 
>> all mail to /dev/null. How do I go about configuring a mail session?
> There were quite a few things needed to get continuum working with
> glassfish here. All can be done using the admin ui of glassfish. For the
> mail session, I created a new session at Ressources->JavaMail-Session
> using the JNDI name 'mail/Session' (capital 'S'). Also I needed to add
> the following system properties to the JVM settings of the glassfish
> instance:
> -Dcatalina.home=${com.sun.aas.instanceRoot}
> -Dcatalina.base=${com.sun.aas.instanceRoot}
> -Dcom.sun.enterprise.web.connector.enableJK=8009
> -Dappserver.home=${com.sun.aas.instanceRoot}
> -Dappserver.base=${com.sun.aas.instanceRoot}
> I think some of them are only needed for mod_jk support in glassfish. At
> the end, things started to work that way. I have never used continuum
> 1.1. Continuum 1.2.x and 1.3.x are working with glassfish.

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