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From Marc Lustig>
Subject Profiling results for Continuum
Date Fri, 19 Jun 2009 12:28:20 GMT

Hi there,
our teams have been suffering from the bad performance of the Continuum-UI
for a long time . I found now the time to profile one of our servers running
3 Continuum-1.2.2-instances (webapps) on a single Tomcat6, JDK6, RHEL4 and
Oracle-RAC as database-backend. 

The tomcat-JVM is consuming between 150 and 200 % of our dual-core
This is just the tomcat-JVM, not any maven-process running aside.
And I am not talking about peaks, the load is as high like that for hours.

This is a snapshot taken by Jprofiler at a time without any user-activity on
one of the UI's.

the 3 threads causing the highest load are:
37,3% - 54.415 ms - 5 inv. org.jpox.AbstractPersistenceManager.detachCopyAll
13,6% - 19.842 ms - 14 inv.
34,5% - 50.362 ms - 4.480 inv. 
(100% = total load caused by the JVM)

The first 2 threads are caused by the JDO-impl.  Is it possible that
Continuum has an extremely "bad" fetching stragety, e. g. doing all kinds of
unnecessary cascades? This is my first impression.

About the 3rd thread, I have no idea why this BlockingQueue is causing such
a tremendous load.
Could some of the developers please explain.  For what purpose is it used?
How can it be optimized?


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