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From Yoda Koda <>
Subject Re: Deploying site under continuum jetty
Date Tue, 31 Mar 2009 11:25:12 GMT

I have just worked out how display static pages in the continuum jetty.. 

Deploy your site to apache-continuum-1.2.3\apps\site 

And add this to the columns section:-

<ec:column property="buildHistoryAction" title="&nbsp;" width="1%">
        <ww:a href="http://[serverhost]*:8080/site/"> <ww:url
value='' includeParams= "
alt="<ww:text name="legend.mavenSite"/>" title="<ww:text
name="legend.mavenSite"/>" border="0"></ww:a>  

Restart the continuum service so that it picks up the maven site directory
and JSP changes. **

You should see an info icon that links to maven site on the project summary

* This should be set using the server host from a properties , I just
hardcoded it for speed.

** You should be able to configure jetty to search for webapp changes and
hot deploy changes in the jetty.xml file, so you dont have to restart the
service each time you build.

Multi module projects and other project groups will need to have the site
url built dynamically. And the legend should be updated with the new icon.

Victor Kirk wrote:
> Hiya,
> I was wondering if anyone could tell me if it is
> possible to configure the jetty provided with
> continuum so it could also serve static html, i.e.
> the site documentation generated via maven.
> I have the site docs being generated but I just
> can't find where to add this, I'm new to jetty but
> what is bundled with continuum looks nothing like
> whats in the docs for jetty.
> Thanks, Vic

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