Hi Continuum users and devs,


I would like to share my experimentations regarding Continuum (and I suppose Archiva works the same) integration with a corporate LDAP (Active Directory in my case).


After following [1], authentication seemed to work fine. redback.default.admin was able to administrate Continuum, and any other user from the AD was able to login and was considered as guest. There is no more “register” link, only “authenticate”.


My next test was to try adding some roles to users. After logging in with my admin account, I tried to click on “Users” menu. But after a very long time (timeout?) the page appears without any user. Even trying to filter on a specific user name returned no result.


The reason seemed to be that my company LDAP was too big. After changing configuration to a small subdirectory of the LDAP (with less than 100 users), it worked as expected.


I’m currently testing with Continuum 1.3.1 and I would like to know if any progress was done concerning LDAP integration? If not I would like to know what I can do to help. The possible improvements I can see are:

-          improve the filter functionality to construct a dynamic LDAP query instead of (I guess) retrieving the whole LDAP then filtering in memory

-          improve the user screen by limiting the number of results from LDAP query (I don’t know if pagination is possible with LDAP)


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[1] http://redback.codehaus.org/integration/ldap.html



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