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From "Brent Atkinson" <>
Subject Re: Strange issue with SCM urls
Date Mon, 09 Feb 2009 21:07:40 GMT
I found the root cause of this issue. It is related to how continuum handles the 
addition of maven2 projects with bad scm URLs. Because continuum adds the
project regardless of whether the project is actually checked out using the 
pom's scm URL, the build administrator is able to fix it in the continuum web
While beneficial when you need to modify the location of a project's scm repo 
(so that you don't lose build results), it causes some confusing behavior and 
prevents the detection of the fact that the project's pom doesn't list the correct 
scm URL. 
The issue is that continuum is happy to checkout and build a project using 
nothing but the scm URL in its database. This includes the case where the
scm URL in the project pom doesn't match it. This contributes to strange 
behavior, for example, the release plugin tags poms with the proper URL 
while the trunk is still incorrect.
I would like to propose that initial checkout scm failure of m2 projects 
should prevent addition of the project to continuum. This would require 
correction of the project's pom in source control. It would also still allow the 
other use case (changing repo locations) on existing projects, because they
already have working copies. 
Another potential safeguard could be some UI feedback or build notification 
when it is detected that the project scm URL and continuum's scm URL don't

>>> "Brent Atkinson" <> 2/9/2009 1:49 PM >>>

I am seeing what appears to be a strange issue with a multi-module project that was added

to continuum (1.2.x). From the revision history, it appears that the scm URL for the project
never pointing to a valid location. However, in the project summary page the URL is listed

correctly, and the release appears to have been tagged with the proper URL.

I was under the impression that if the scm url wasn't valid in the referenced pom, the initial

checkout would fail. However, what I am seeing is a project that has an invalid URL, but it

has a working copy and has built successfully. We have even released the project. It has
the right URL in the scm section in the tagged version generated by continuum, but the version
on trunk has the invalid URL. I ran svn info on the working copy and it reports the correct

My question is, can anyone provide me a lead for how this be might be possible? Is the correct
scm URL required for the addition of the project to succeed?

Any nudge in the right direction will be greatly appreciated.


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