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From Carlos Sanchez <>
Subject Using Lava Lamps for Continuous Integration build status notifications
Date Wed, 28 Jan 2009 18:09:57 GMT

Taking the idea of using Lava Lamps as notification tools for your
Continuous Integration status, green lamp for success, red lamp for
failure, the so called eXtreme Feedback Devices, and using as a guide
the instructions in Pragmatic Automation, I have made some
improvements to use remote notification, meaning that lamps don't need
to be connected to the build server, and a more automated process,
that will turn off the lamps out of business hours.

The code is in a new project, Continuous Lava, in case it's useful for
somebody else. There are two parts, one for Apache Continuum and one
for CruiseControl.

Actually, it is not necessary to use lava lamps but you can turn on
and off any device you plug to the X10 power adapters. Imagine a loud
siren, or my favorite, electric discharges to developer's chairs!!!
(we'll leave this as an idea for future projects)

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