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From teacup <>
Subject Re: Multiple modules project and Continuum 1.2.2
Date Thu, 18 Dec 2008 13:58:33 GMT

First off I made a mistake in my original post (thanks Wendy): when I said I
checked the button, I meant the 'For multi modules project, load only root
as recursive build' button and also I did not load POM from my PC but
specified POM URL (with user name and password).  And, yes, I clicked that
button 'For multi modules ...'.  Still I get only parent artifact deployed;
the children artifacts still do not make it to the deployment directory.

Then I tried the same thing after removing <repository> and
<snapshotRepository> tags from all POMs because 'Better Build with Maven'
book says I do not need these tags if I want Continuum to deploy the
snapshot artifacts.  But this does not work either.

Has anyone got children artifacts deployed through Continuum by adding only
parent Maven 2.0 project? Would I need to add 'deploy' to the goal?  I am
using only 'clean install' because I thought Continuum would deploy it for
me through its default config for 'Deployment Repository Directory'. 

apache.maillist wrote:
> Did you check the check box "For multi modules project, load only root as
> recursive build"?
> On Wed, Dec 17, 2008 at 12:47 PM, teacup <> wrote:
>> Hello, all:
>> I am using Continuum 1.2.2 and I have a multi-module project, with a
>> parent
>> POM and 3 children POM.  When I upload parent POM as Maven 2.0 project
>> and
>> click the 'Enter the local filename of the Maven 2 POM to upload (works
>> only
>> for a single project without modules)' button, all loads up fine. When I
>> build this project recursively, everything (including site generation)
>> works
>> fine too, except that Continuum deploys only the parent artifact in the
>> specified snapshots repository and none of the children artifacts make it
>> to
>> this repository.  Here is the code from distributionManagement part that
>> I
>> specify in all POM files:
>> <repository>
>>   <uniqueVersion>false</uniqueVersion>
>>   <id>internal</id>
>>   <name>Archiva Managed Internal Repository</name>
>> <url>scp://specialuser@server
>> :/opt/apache-tomcat-6.0.14/data/repositories/internal/</url>
>>   <layout>default</layout>
>> </repository>
>> <snapshotRepository>
>>   <uniqueVersion>true</uniqueVersion>
>>   <id>snapshots</id>
>>   <name>Archiva Managed Snapshot Repository</name>
>> <url>scp://specialuser@server
>> :/opt/apache-tomcat-6.0.14/data/repositories/snapshots/</url>
>> </snapshotRepository>
>> On Continuum Admin GUI, there is a 'Configuration' button that lets you
>> specify a 'Deployment Repository Directory' - there too I have the same
>> snapshots directory specified like this:
>> /opt/apache-tomcat-6.0.14/data/repositories/snapshots
>> But nothing works, and I still cannot get Continuum deploy children
>> artifacts under above directory.  Would I need to upload and build all 4
>> (1
>> parent and 3 children) POMs individually to get around this issue, or I
>> am
>> missing something in the above setup?  Any help will be much appreciated.
>> Thanks.
>> --
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