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From Olaf Otto <>
Subject Re: Problem adding maven 2 project to continuum 1.2.2
Date Mon, 24 Nov 2008 09:23:56 GMT
Hi Stevo,

I believe this is the same situation as in continuum 1.1: If you have a 
multi-module pom, you must provide unprotected (http) access to the 
parent & child pom for, and only for, the initial setup. Continuum does 
not obtain them from the SCM system, as it will attempt to obtain the 
SCM settings from the pom's. in 1.1, i simply copied the parent&child 
pom's into a public http-accessible server folder (keeping the original 
folder structure), used the resulting URL for the setup and deleted the 
stuff afterwards.

I don't know if changes where made to this in 1.2


Stevo Slavić wrote:
> Hello all,
> When I try to add a maven 2 multi-module project to a fresh continuum
> installation by specifying pom URL of the root module I receive an error:
> "Unable to connect to remote server". From the message it is not clear which
> server continuum has problem connecting to.
> From continuum log [1] it seems to me that continuum for some unknown reason
> couldn't obtain pom file from the given URL.
> URL I've specified to it is a SVN URL. SVN requires authentication, but I've
> also supplied appropriate credentials. I can successfully checkout project
> manually on the continuum server - only first time svn client asked
> certificate to be confirmed.
> If instead I try to add this same project using "Upload POM", continuum
> complains: "Cannot upload a Maven 2 project with modules.".
> Any suggestions/comments on how to resolve this issue of mine are welcome.
> Thanks in advance!
> [1]
> 1787594075 [btpool0-0] INFO
> com.opensymphony.webwork.dispatcher.DispatcherUtils - Unable to find
> 'webwork.multipart.saveDir' property setting. Defaulting to
> javax.servlet.context.tempdir
> 1787594077 [btpool0-0] WARN
> com.opensymphony.webwork.dispatcher.multipart.MultiPartRequest - Item is a
> file upload of 0 size, ignoring

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