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From Julien Stern <>
Subject Continuum 1.2. Release fails.
Date Wed, 22 Oct 2008 17:56:55 GMT
Hi list,

Releases fail with Continuum 1.2 (they work when directly invoked with 
mvn release:prepare; mvn release:perform).

The problem appears to be the following:

Continuum asks for a login/password for a user with write access to the 
SCM, but despite this fact, we have a an error saying that we do not 
have write access to the SCM.

We are using CVS, and after looking at the CVS/Root file in the 
checked-out copy, I saw that we have:


in other words, something corresponding to the <connection> tag of the 
pom.xml and not the <developerConnection> tag.

I assume that the CVS provider for the SCM honors the CVS/Root of the 
checked-out copy, and does not use the login/password given through 

Naturally, I might be totally wrong, and in all cases, I'm not sure the 
issue lies with Continuum or with Maven SCM.

Nevertheless, if someone has a clue on how to fix this problem, that 
would be largely appreciated. (I can fill a JIRA either in CONTINUUM or 
in SCM if that is indeed a bug).


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