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From <>
Subject Have projects with Build and Trunk
Date Wed, 03 Sep 2008 06:45:16 GMT
In our project we use SVN as SCM system and we have 3 "folders".  One for the Trunk, one for
the Branches and one for the tags.  The Branch is our working copy.  We develop in the branch
and commit our changes on a daily basis.  

When our changes are tested and ready to release, we move our branch to our trunk, build the
package, run our final tests and create a package which can be deployed in a production environment.

What we want to achieve is that we have 2 project groups in Continuum, one which will check
the branch and one for the Trunk, which will execute once a week (for example on Friday).
 The problem is that I can't manage to make the schedule work.  I found this link on the internet:

Is it true that it's not possible to create 2 projects with the same projectid, artifactid
and version?  Is there a workaround to make this kind of setup work?

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