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From "Brett Porter" <>
Subject Re: Transitioning from Derby to Mysql
Date Tue, 23 Sep 2008 02:38:42 GMT
2008/9/22 Julien Stern <>:
> Hi list,
> we are currently testing the upcoming 1.2 (which looks very promising).
> We were wondering about a few things:
> 1) Is the database compatible with 1.1? E.g. if we simply copy the content
> of the previous 1.1 database (Derby), will it work? If not, is there
> (already) a document which describes a way to upgrade?

Yes, though some fields need to be lengthened. The import/export
process should do this - we're looking at revising the document now.

> 2) Is is possible to migrate from Derby to MySQL? The previous
> data-management-cli tool apparently only worked from Derby to Derby. If the
> same tool could use XMLRPC to do backups and restores instead of directly
> accessing the DB, it would be awesome.

This should be possible - if you have issues with this in the release
let us know and we can work through them.

- Brett

> Of course, in both cases we can simply start from a new empty DB, but if
> possible, we'd like to retain our build history.
> BTW, I know that 1.2 is not yet officially released and (maybe?) you guys
> are working on a migration document, although I did not find anything by
> glancing at the site source tree. So, do not few this email as a complaint,
> I just hope that a few pre-release tests help you make a better release
> (like the rapidly fixed 64 bit issue) :)
> --
> Julien

Brett Porter

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