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From "Olivier Lamy" <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Continuum 1.2 Released
Date Mon, 22 Sep 2008 19:37:40 GMT
The Apache Continuum team is pleased to announce Apache Continuum 1.2.

The latest release is now available here:

If you have any questions, please consult:

 - the web site:
 - the continuum-user mailing list:

New in Continuum 1.2

* Using Spring
Continuum now uses the Spring Framework as it's underlying container
instead of Plexus. This results in a boost in performance and
stability for the web application in particular.

*Repository Purge
It's now possible to add purges which will cleanup :
  - m2 repositories (now it's possible to configure a local m2
repository per project group)
  - build output directory

* Maven plugin groupId and artifactId change Now the maven plugin has
the new groupId:artifactId org.apache.continuum:continuum-maven-plugin

* New SCMs support
Now continuum have two new scm providers : git and accurev.

Change Log in Continuum 1.2

** Bug
    * [CONTINUUM-860] - multiple email addresses delimited with commas
causes AddressException
    * [CONTINUUM-1054] - IllegalStateException stack adding pom
    * [CONTINUUM-1200] - Password Characters Not Supported in SCM Checkout
    * [CONTINUUM-1322] - Attempt to store value with more than 256 chars
    * [CONTINUUM-1336] - upgrade quartz - we use a very old version
    * [CONTINUUM-1360] - Prepended semicolon in svn password does not work
    * [CONTINUUM-1371] - NullPointer when Releasing with Ant and
Default Project Group
    * [CONTINUUM-1433] - Wrong path in descripton on how to allow the
file protocol.
    * [CONTINUUM-1489] - replace use of MungedHttpsURL with apache
httpclient (4.0-beta1)
    * [CONTINUUM-1515] - SCM Tag does not have a default value
    * [CONTINUUM-1521] - NullPointerException in StarTeam changelog command
    * [CONTINUUM-1525] - Can't release project with Continuum on Geronimo 2.0.1
    * [CONTINUUM-1528] - Continuum gets slower over time and eventually crashes
    * [CONTINUUM-1549] - LDAP Authenticated Continuum -
NullPointerException when trying to see Members of a project group
    * [CONTINUUM-1575] - Confusing behavior when continuum can't
construct MavenProject from pom
    * [CONTINUUM-1589] - updateBuildDefinitionForProjectGroup remove
the description of the build definition
    * [CONTINUUM-1590] - updateBuildDefinitionForProjectGroup leads to
a StackOverflowError
    * [CONTINUUM-1593] - Requires Javamail 1.5? Should be 1.4?
    * [CONTINUUM-1596] - The release perform doesn't work when a scm
password is required
    * [CONTINUUM-1601] - Email address with '+' is not accepted in mail notifier
    * [CONTINUUM-1610] - Deployment Repository Directory does not work at all
    * [CONTINUUM-1623] - Checkbox not displaying when validation error
in add Instalaction->Tool form
    * [CONTINUUM-1630] - Error attempting to delete project group
    * [CONTINUUM-1643] - Perform release page results to a blank page
after submitted
    * [CONTINUUM-1644] - Test failures occur in tagged sources
    * [CONTINUUM-1646] - Empty recipient is allowed in mail notifier
    * [CONTINUUM-1647] - Incorrect alt and title text for
    * [CONTINUUM-1649] - Move Build Definition Template guide to
Administrator's Guides
    * [CONTINUUM-1651] - Unable to delete user-created build definitions
    * [CONTINUUM-1659] - project admin cannot assign project roles to users
    * [CONTINUUM-1660] - Download page does not have source archives
    * [CONTINUUM-1672] - continuum plugin doesn't fails to add maven
two projects
    * [CONTINUUM-1676] - deleting a project or group should cancel any
current or scheduled builds, and prevent any from being queued
    * [CONTINUUM-1679] - Adding Null values for Project's Build
Definition directs to a blank page
    * [CONTINUUM-1688] - Maximum length for name column in object
ChangeFile is too small
    * [CONTINUUM-1693] - Continuum fills our server disk with SNAPSHOTs.
    * [CONTINUUM-1701] - No field validation when adding Ant and Shell projects
    * [CONTINUUM-1713] - JDOFatalUserException '.-..column ""NAME""
that has maximum length of 255. Please correct your data!'
    * [CONTINUUM-1715] - no response when adding a project
    * [CONTINUUM-1725] - Using the Cancel Button without an selected
project will produce NPE
    * [CONTINUUM-1734] - Loop in getProjects methode
    * [CONTINUUM-1738] - Add schedule page doesn't use its properties file
    * [CONTINUUM-1739] - Import of Maven2 project fails if 2.0.9
feature depMgm. scope>import used
    * [CONTINUUM-1742] - Duplicate installations (environment
variables) in Profile are accepted
    * [CONTINUUM-1746] - Duplicate Profile  names are accepted
    * [CONTINUUM-1748] - Duplicate Installation names are accepted
    * [CONTINUUM-1750] - unable to operate on a working directory that
contains spaces
    * [CONTINUUM-1752] - Allowed duplication of group name when
editing a project group
    * [CONTINUUM-1753] - Download As Text of build result output
displays it on another page instead of downloading it
    * [CONTINUUM-1757] -  continuum roles do not have user friendly names
    * [CONTINUUM-1758] - Error with group summary auto-refresh after
adding a project group
    * [CONTINUUM-1760] -  TextArea inside the Working Copy Section for
a Project is editable
    * [CONTINUUM-1768] - NPE on Members tab with LDAP authentication
    * [CONTINUUM-1773] - unable to add a mail recipient address
containing an ampersand (&) in the local part of  the adress
    * [CONTINUUM-1774] - Error logging in with a locked account
    * [CONTINUUM-1782] - Rename 'Profiles' instances to 'Build
Environments' in available roles.
    * [CONTINUUM-1783] - a project administrator is acting like a user
    * [CONTINUUM-1784] - URLs with Query String appears not work properly
    * [CONTINUUM-1785] - Broken link
    * [CONTINUUM-1788] - JBoss installation documentation contains a
"Start Jetty" section
    * [CONTINUUM-1789] - Unable to add project if its parent is not in server
    * [CONTINUUM-1792] - svn checkout with authentification doesn't
work in 1.2 (trunk rev 663360)
    * [CONTINUUM-1795] - [regression] continuum application starts twice
    * [CONTINUUM-1796] - Project Information tab's Add/Edit Notifiers
links contain leading whitespace
    * [CONTINUUM-1799] - Thread count for schedule is not configurable
    * [CONTINUUM-1804] - Wrong source code repository urls listed on
Continuum public web
    * [CONTINUUM-1805] - Adding a project displays "Adding your
project is under process. Please wait .."
    * [CONTINUUM-1816] - Continuum trunk failed to start on unix os
    * [CONTINUUM-1825] - NPE when checkout project with trunk (rev 678311)
    * [CONTINUUM-1828] - Downloaded maven files (pom and project.xml)
are not deleted
    * [CONTINUUM-1831] - When click "save" or "cancel" button on the
Appearance page (with or without making changes), get
java.lang.NullPointerException error
    * [CONTINUUM-1836] - Validation for Build Environment doesn't work
    * [CONTINUUM-1839] - [French] "Construction en ìhec" instead of
"Construction en échec"
    * [CONTINUUM-1841] - Error when adding project group with null values
    * [CONTINUUM-1844] - EL Expression failed with empty/not functions
    * [CONTINUUM-1863] - NPE when clicking Appearance menu item
    * [CONTINUUM-1867] - Project group admin should not be able to
grant system-wide roles to himself
    * [CONTINUUM-1869] - Correct type of url variable in 'Connection
to Continuum' section on 'Guide to use XML-RPC with Continuum' page
    * [CONTINUUM-1870] - changing groupId:artifactId of the maven
plugin to org.apache.continuum:continuum-maven-plugin
    * [CONTINUUM-1871] - Continuum does not execute builds when last
    * [CONTINUUM-1877] - Incorrect svn urls on site "source repository" page
    * [CONTINUUM-1878] - MS SQL Server size of NVARCHAR defect
    * [CONTINUUM-1888] - Support for 64 bit architectures has been removed

** Improvement
    * [CONTINUUM-515] - Add a wait page when adding a project
    * [CONTINUUM-801] - Maven2: Add Project Homepage URL to the
project group summary page
    * [CONTINUUM-1186] - Application should unpack to
    * [CONTINUUM-1213] - Patch to easily run continuum jetty with postgres
    * [CONTINUUM-1252] - General Configuration should be pre-configurable in XML
    * [CONTINUUM-1344] - New Guide to Building Continuum from Source
    * [CONTINUUM-1465] - Project groups should probably get their own
local maven repo
    * [CONTINUUM-1490] - Include data-management-cli jar in the distribution
    * [CONTINUUM-1511] - Improve error handling when not able to
resolv artifacts
    * [CONTINUUM-1531] - set JSW to auto-restart if it crashes or hangs
    * [CONTINUUM-1605] - Continuum should not store the userid or
password if 'use cached credentials' is checked
    * [CONTINUUM-1612] - Provide a sample file
    * [CONTINUUM-1613] - Add setting JAVA_HOME to the getting started
    * [CONTINUUM-1619] - Project Ant : Adding a built-in property
allowing to know wich project is under construction from the ant build
    * [CONTINUUM-1639] - Ability to download files from the working copy
    * [CONTINUUM-1645] - Move images into continuum-docs module
    * [CONTINUUM-1675] - Improve error message when scm element is
missing from a child pom
    * [CONTINUUM-1687] - Improve the template and build definition names
    * [CONTINUUM-1698] - Include svn revision number in the jar file manifest
    * [CONTINUUM-1703] - use plexus-spring in continuum-webapp
    * [CONTINUUM-1705] - Read-only view of the queues
    * [CONTINUUM-1711] - Rename Profile to Build Environment to avoid
clash with Maven profiles
    * [CONTINUUM-1712] - improve the performance of the group summary page
    * [CONTINUUM-1736] - Add the svn revision in the about action
    * [CONTINUUM-1741] - file containing scm
credentials in plain text is visible through the Web UI
    * [CONTINUUM-1744] - Upgrade continuum to redback 1.0.1
    * [CONTINUUM-1745] - decouple SCM code from continuum model
    * [CONTINUUM-1759] - Ability to delete working copies associated
with releases
    * [CONTINUUM-1762] - add confirmation page before deleting
multiple projects at once
    * [CONTINUUM-1769] - add confirmation page before deleting a profile
    * [CONTINUUM-1775] - There is a typo on the Project Group Summary
page. "Project Group Informations" should be "Project Group
Information" - no "s" needed
    * [CONTINUUM-1793] - continuum.log needs human readable date and time stamps
    * [CONTINUUM-1807] - Improve performance on maven2 builds by
building a pom project if changes are only in sub-modules
    * [CONTINUUM-1822] - Upgrade to Jetty 6.1.11
    * [CONTINUUM-1827] - XMPRPC Basic Compliance ( Call continuum
XPMRPC Service from other language like Php )
    * [CONTINUUM-1846] - Split ContinuumStore to few dao classes
    * [CONTINUUM-1858] - Add rolesList page in the menu from redback

** New Feature
    * [CONTINUUM-782] - Add a feature to allow cleaning the m2 local
repo once every N days
    * [CONTINUUM-1628] - 2 new methods for editing building queue with xmlrpc
    * [CONTINUUM-1681] - Replace plexus-runtime with standalone jetty bundle
    * [CONTINUUM-1691] - Ability to delete a project via XML RPC
    * [CONTINUUM-1692] - Ability to delete build results via XML RPC
    * [CONTINUUM-1830] - Ability to view release results after leaving page
    * [CONTINUUM-1843] - add new maven scm providers (accurev and git)

** Task
    * [CONTINUUM-1614] - release maven-scm 1.1
    * [CONTINUUM-1617] - Update to JPOX 1.1.9
    * [CONTINUUM-1821] - Remove references to Maven in continuum-docs
    * [CONTINUUM-1885] - Clean up site documentation

** Wish
    * [CONTINUUM-1638] - Documentation for Release Management

Have Fun !

The Apache Continuum Team

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