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From Julien Stern <>
Subject Transitioning from Derby to Mysql
Date Mon, 22 Sep 2008 09:09:15 GMT
Hi list,

we are currently testing the upcoming 1.2 (which looks very promising).
We were wondering about a few things:

1) Is the database compatible with 1.1? E.g. if we simply copy the 
content of the previous 1.1 database (Derby), will it work? If not, is 
there (already) a document which describes a way to upgrade?

2) Is is possible to migrate from Derby to MySQL? The previous 
data-management-cli tool apparently only worked from Derby to Derby. If 
the same tool could use XMLRPC to do backups and restores instead of 
directly accessing the DB, it would be awesome.

Of course, in both cases we can simply start from a new empty DB, but if 
possible, we'd like to retain our build history.

BTW, I know that 1.2 is not yet officially released and (maybe?) you 
guys are working on a migration document, although I did not find 
anything by glancing at the site source tree. So, do not few this email 
as a complaint, I just hope that a few pre-release tests help you make a 
better release (like the rapidly fixed 64 bit issue) :)


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