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From "Brett Porter" <>
Subject Re: Maven Multi-project
Date Thu, 14 Aug 2008 02:29:09 GMT
If your multi-module project relies on the directory structure, at the
moment you will need to add it as a single build - there is a checkbox
on the "Add" page to do so.


2008/8/14 Gorman, Stephen A. <>:
> All,
>  I am trying to get continuum to build a fairly simple maven
> multi-project. During the build all of my client code breaks with the
> enclosed error which states that the WSDL is unreachable.  The project
> builds perfectly from the command-line because it builds within the
> directory structure that comes out of SVN. When continuum checks the
> code out it seems to create its own version of the directory structure
> which does not work. You can see in the error message that for some
> reason there is a "null" in the path.  I am running continuum on RHEL4
> AS, the code is standard J2EE code, my maven version is 2.X and my
> continuum version is 1.1. Any thoughts or advice is most appreciated.
> file:/opt/continuum-1.1/apps/continuum/webapp/WEB-INF/working-directory/
> 86/null/admin-expform-ejb-service/target/jaxws/wsgen/wsdl/ExportFormatAd
> minService.wsdl is unreachable

Brett Porter

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