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From Christian Edward Gruber <>
Subject Presentation at Agile2008
Date Mon, 28 Jul 2008 14:21:05 GMT
Hey all,

      I'll be giving a presentation at Agile2008 next week called:  
"Maven and Continuum - an infrastructure for reducing cycle-time in  
Agile and Lean development."  I wanted to drop the basic outline here  
and make sure there isn't anything that "absolutely must be talked  
about".  It's a tutorial, so it's going to involve the theory, but  
will also get into real examples of setting up projects, modules/ 
parents, plugins, and site reports.  I'll mention Hudson/Cruise- 
control, and others, and Nexus and Archiva will also be mentioned, but  
I have doubts as to whether any of that will be covered.

       Anyway, let me know if there's anything off this list that  
strikes you as needing to be on it.  It's a 3 hour tutorial, and when  
I timed this material, I found it quite hard to fit it in, especially  
with Q&A.


P.S.  Please don't spam the users lists with replies - reply to me,  
unless there's a genuine topic in your comment.  I'm looking for  
suggestions, not to put a lot of extra traffic onto these lists.   
Thanks. -cg.


	Discussion of build environments, and their effects on developer  
efficiency, quality, etc.

Part 1 - Apache Maven2

	Basic Introduction

	Dependency Management

	Modules and Recursive Builds

	Eclipse IDE integration


Part 2 - Apache Maven2 Reports

	“Site” plugin

	Project Metadata

	Almost Plain Text

	Developer Reports

	Additional Documentation



Part 3 - Apache Continuum 1.1

	Introduction to Apache Continuum

	Basic Setup

	Adding projects

	Schedules and Build Definitions


Part 4 - Advanced Topics

	non-java builds (native, .NET)

	integration test strategies

	maven ant tasks

	software release process

	More Q&A if desired

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