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From "Julian Dunn" <Julian.D...@CBC.CA>
Subject Re: problems building Maven 2.0.x project [SOLVED]
Date Fri, 11 Jul 2008 19:16:28 GMT
Never mind - I determined that this strange error occurs when the SCM syntax isn't correct.
It should have ended in "/cvs/src:whatson" rather than "/cvs/src/whatson"

- Julian

-- Julian C. Dunn, P.Eng. <>
-- Assistant Team Lead / Chef d'équipe adjoint
-- Media Production Support / Soutien à la production des médias
-- Canadian Broadcasting Corporation / Société Radio-Canada
-- Office/Bureau: 2C310-N  *  Tel.: (416) 205-3311 x6988 * DID: 1-151-6988

>>> Julian Dunn 07/10/08 4:47 PM >>> 
Hi Continuum users,

I have a Maven 2.0.x project, and I already read the FAQ item entitled "Why does Continuum
builds keep failing with password is required even if I'm using anonymous or no password in
CVS?" I am still getting:

Exception while executing SCM command.
Username isn't defined.

when trying to build even though the SCM URL is ""
. How come?

- Julian

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