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From "Stefano Fornari" <>
Subject Using profiles to trigger mvn profiles
Date Thu, 01 May 2008 22:22:11 GMT
Hi All,
I would like to build different maven projects with different maven
profiles in continuum.
Let say some components should be build with maven profile MA and
other with maven profile MB. I know I can set -P MA or MB in the goals
section of the build definition but I was wondering if Continuum
profiles are designed for the same purpose. In such case I would love
to use them.
I tried creating two continuum profiles, let's say CA and CB and I
associated an envvar to each to trigger the right maven profile as
defined in settings.xml. I associated the so created profile to the
build definition, but it looks like it does not work. It seems the
envvar is not set so that the maven profile is not picked up.

Any hint? As anyone used this method and gotten it working?

Thanks in advance.


Stefano Fornari - Funambol CTO




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