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From petejohlie <>
Subject Continuum release
Date Wed, 14 May 2008 14:47:30 GMT

I am having an issue with continuum and the release button (env=continuum1.1,
maven 2.0.6, subversion).
It does not behave like the plugin and my pom is not handled the same.
We have set up a goal as follows:
POM filename:   pom.xml
Goals:   release:prepare release:perform -X -e -Ptst
Arguments:   --batch-mode --non-recursive

We have modified the pom.xml <preparationGoals> of the release plugin to use
cargo:deploy for some profiles.
I can get that to work in continuum when using a specific build definition
(continuum profile sets a few variable values). Our only problem is that we
do not get the chance to provide release/tag/etc values (sometimes we want
other than default).

However, when using the release button (which allows us to provide the
values), the variables do not work. So, we cannot get a cargo:deploy to the
correct JBOSS_HOME in our pom (for example).

Why doesn't the release button just act like a cmd-line invocation of the
mvn release:prepare?
Is there a way to pass variables in? They all seemed to be ignored.

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