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From "Och, Andrew Daniel (TSG-GDCC-SH)" <>
Subject RE: Struggling with ContinuumXmlRpcClient for version 1.1 including patch 1590
Date Tue, 13 May 2008 04:29:40 GMT
Dear Olivier

>From I downloaded:

This version has the reported bug 1590-StackOverflowError in it (

Being lazy I just changed the binaries to sources and I got the source version of 1.1:

I tried going to from the official website,
but this link is broken :-(

I guess it was changed because works (ie it is
no longer a subdirectory of maven), but in fact I found the source at:

So I Downloaded version [CONTINUUM-1590] and recompiled the continuum-xmlrpc-server-1.1.jar
component. (I didn't use maven I just used Eclipse for the one component and put it into the
WEB-INF/lib dir)

Basically the official released version Continuum 1.1 (on the official
website ) has a bug in the xmlrpc service. Since
I am doing integration based on xmlrpc this makes my life just that extra bit more interesting

Anyway bug fix 1590 fixed my problem so I can continue to struggle on with my integration
work :-)

Please try your test on the binary version 1.1 that is I guess the official release and you
will see that it does not work fine :-(

Best regards
Andrew Och

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From: [] On Behalf Of Olivier Lamy
Sent: Tuesday, May 13, 2008 6:31 AM
Subject: Re: Struggling with ContinuumXmlRpcClient for version 1.1 including patch 1590

I have just tested an everything works fine here.
Are you sure using a server version build with current trunk ?
When you say " I recompiled the" how have you installed it ?


2008/5/8 Och, Andrew Daniel (TSG-GDCC-SH) <>:

> I am using Continuum 1.1 and I am struggling with the
> ContinuumXmlRpcClient client
> Originally I had an error message that corresponded to issue:
> CONTINUUM-1590 StackOverflowError
> I recompiled the and the error went away,
> but now the following line always returns an empty list (even when the
> project group has projects).
> List<ProjectSummary> projectSummaries = client.getProjects(oviiGrpID);
> Should I be using a different version of Continuum?
> I am trying to integrate Continuum with HP Quality Center (previously
> know as Mercury Quality Center) so any and all advice with is greatly
> appreciated.
> Best Regards
> Andrew Och

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