* Continuum 2.0-SNAPSHOT from 28-Feb-2008, Archiva 1.0.1, GNU Lunix 2.6.18-8.el5, JDK 1.5.0_15 *
Hi Folks
I've been watching my project build time take a little longer with each build.  Yes, the project has been growing, but not as much or in as linear a fashion as suggested by the ever increasing build times.
Then yesterday someone (Unix sysadmin?) or something (continuum?) deleted previous build results for the projects so that only the two most recent builds were left in the continuum/work/4/target directory on the server.
Suddenly my build times became respectable again.
Now, a few builds later, I notice that the build is taking a little longer each time.
Does Continuum suffer from a near-linear performance hit for each prior build on the server?  Perhaps Archiva suffers in some way?
I know the data I provide below is insufficient for any statistical conclusion but I thought I'd ask in case other people have seen this also.
Thanks, Robin.

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