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From Tonté Pouncil <>
Subject Re: can't send mail - using tomcat6, java6, and continuum1.1
Date Fri, 04 Apr 2008 15:49:06 GMT
Oh, and one last thing!  I would tring downloading JavaMail and running a
quick test to make sure you have all the right smtp setting for you email
account. You can run a quick test using JavaMail's smtpsend class.  You may
find that you have the wrong host name as I discovered this trying to
connect to AT&T email account.

Actually the more I think about it, I think one of the problems with the
pleus-mail-sender-javamail code was it did not use the SMTPTransport class.

Anyway I hope you are able to get pass this issue.


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                                       Re: can't send mail - using         
             Please respond to         tomcat6, java6, and continuum1.1    

I experienced this same problem when I first got started with continuum a
few months back, and what I discovered, after downloading the source for
the plexus-mail-sender-javamail project,  was the AbstractJavamailSender
always tried to authenticate with a username and password.  So if you don't
need to authenticate, you will run into problems.  In addition to this, the
smtp variable name the AbstractJavamailSender uses does not follow the
naming convention that specifies if you are using SSL or not.  I read
somewhere that if you are using SSL, you should use a trailing s after the
protocol name (i.e.  But the AbstractJavamailSender only
defines non SSL smtp variables like so:  Granted this class
make up for the naming convention by checking wheather the mail.smtp.auth,
mail.smtp.user, and mail.smtp.password variables are set and if so it
switches the protocol to smtps.  Below are a list of some of the defined
variable the AbstractJavamailSender defines:
mail.transport.protocol (i.e. smtp or smtps)

These variables need to be set in your web.xml or context.xml file; which
is located inside your Continuum web application.

After setting all of this, there was still a bug in the
plexus-mail-sender-javamail project, so I modified the
AbstractJavamailSender.send() method to find all the correct smtp variable
name and properly check for the mail.smtp.auth variable.  If this variable
was set to true I authenticated on the mail server if it was false I did
not authenticate.  After I did all of this, I jar up everything and
replaced the jar file continuum came with.

You can download the plexus-mail-sender-javamail source code from:

Let me know if this helped you out.  If you like I can send you the code
that I changed to get it all working.


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             04/04/2008 09:20
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                                       Re: can't send mail - using
                                       tomcat6, java6, and continuum1.1
             Please respond to

Yes I tried the default setup first. I dont have the logs from that but the
email didn't go out then either.

On Fri, Apr 4, 2008 at 5:56 AM, Mick Knutson <> wrote:

> Have you tried localhost just to see if you can send locally?

Christopher J Lyth

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