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From "Harper, Brad" <>
Subject Non-Recursive Build Question
Date Wed, 09 Apr 2008 22:48:38 GMT

I have a multi-module maven project. As its build, I'd like to install
it before proceeding with the builds for a small subset of its
sub-projects. The 'install' is intended so that correct
<dependencyManagement> is defined for its modules.

I've created a Continuum project group, a member of which is this
top-level project. It's build defined as '--non-recursive
install:install', but when the build is initiated, *all* of the contents
at the scm url are checked out into the working directory. All I need to
build and install this project is the project's pom.xml itself.

How do I suppress the checkout to match the --non-recursive nature of
the build?


Brad Harper

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