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From Julien Stern <>
Subject Re: Apparent performance degradation with each build left on server
Date Wed, 09 Apr 2008 10:43:00 GMT

your issue might be related to this:

Have you tried restarting Continuum?
Does your build times come back to normal after such a restart?
Restarting (about once a week) works for me.


Robin Roos wrote:
> * Continuum 2.0-SNAPSHOT from *28-Feb-2008*, Archiva 1.0.1, GNU Lunix 
> 2.6.18-8.el5, JDK 1.5.0_15 *
> Hi Folks
> I've been watching my project build time take a little longer with each 
> build.  Yes, the project has been growing, but not as much or in as 
> linear a fashion as suggested by the ever increasing build times.
> Then yesterday someone (Unix sysadmin?) or something (continuum?) 
> deleted previous build results for the projects so that only the two 
> most recent builds were left in the continuum/work/4/target directory on 
> the server.
> Suddenly my build times became respectable again.
> Now, a few builds later, I notice that the build is taking a little 
> longer each time.
> Does Continuum suffer from a near-linear performance hit for each prior 
> build on the server?  Perhaps Archiva suffers in some way?
> I know the data I provide below is insufficient for any statistical 
> conclusion but I thought I'd ask in case other people have seen this also.
> Thanks, Robin.
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