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From carlos f <>
Subject multimodule project - parent building because of source changes in child
Date Wed, 09 Apr 2008 17:25:36 GMT

we just upgraded to v1.1 from 1.0.3 - we are still trying to get a handle on
rules that govern when a project it build.

project A
 project b
 project c
 project d

project A is the parent with packaging = pom.
projects b, c and d are all children of A.

- in the build def of each project "build always" is NOT enabled.
- when we added project A, we did not select the "For multi modules project,
load only root as recursive build" option
- the build definition for Project A includes "--non-recursive"

we had a case where source files in project c changed.  Continuum then built
all projects.  when we tried to determine what caused this cascade of builds
we found that:

project b and d built because of a change in a dependent project - in this
case project A.
project A built because of source changes in project b/src/...

since we migrated to continuum v1.1 project A has only built 7 times.  some
of its children have built over 100 times.  it is highly unlikely that we
only modified the source of project A's children only 7 times while using
continuum v1.1.  we would have to look at the commit logs of project A to
get a better sense of that.

is this aberrant behavior, or is a parent project supposed to build when
source controlled files in its child projects change?


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