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From "Olivier Lamy" <>
Subject Re: Why is the parent pom upload compulsory ?
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2008 19:37:13 GMT

2008/3/3, MATHUS Baptiste <>:
> Hi all,
>  I'm evaluating continuum 1.1.
Cool :-)
>  We've been using the 1.0 for some months now, and consider migrating mostly for the
group management feature.
>  In fact, we're about to add more and more projects, and displaying them all in the same
view seems quite unreasonnable.
>  I just tried adding one of our project and there seems to have a problem with the parent
pom. The thing I don't get is why it's needed.
>  Is the "installation" feature related to this problem ? I didn't configure any "installation",
should I configure my maven installation ? Doesn't continuum just use the path/environment
it's running in by default ?

Yep continuum will use default user settings (PATH, JAVA_HOME etc...)

>  In fact, even if I empty the local repository and run mvn package from the project directory,
the parent pom will be downloaded just fine.
>  The mvn command is configured correctly, so why doesn't continuum just use the same
configuration ?
This parent pom should be available in a repo, you have to declare
this repo in the settings.xml (~/.m2/settings.xml)
>  Maybe we had to do the same thing with continuum 1.0 and I don't remember it ? In fact,
I managed to do the build by uploading the parent pom, but it doesn't seem straightforward
to me.
>  I also noticed that if I add the parent pom as a project, then delete it. Then adding
a project that uses this parent pom works fine.
>  I guess there should be a part in the doc explaining this behaviour :).

When you add the parent pom in continuum, mvn install it in the local
repo.That's why it's available for other builds.

>  I tried to find some doc about it, but didn't find a lot.
>  Any advice greatly appreciated :).
>  Thanks a lot.
>  Cheers.
>  -- Baptiste

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