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From Jonathan Share <>
Subject Standalone installation on Debian Etch
Date Tue, 04 Mar 2008 10:45:51 GMT

I'm currently trying to get Continuum working standalone on a Debian 
system and it seems that the documented instructions[1] are severely flawed.

If you follow the instructions directly

> ln -s /usr/local/continuum-[VERSION]/bin/linux/ /etc/init.d/continuum

> update-rc.d continuum defaults 80

Then testing this on the shell

 > invoke-rc.d continuum start

things appear to work fine, however, when you let the system try and 
start continuum at boot it fails. There are 2 reasons for this failing.

The first reason is that the symlinks created by update-rc.d are 
relative causing the loop to resolve the destination of the link to fail.

Personally I have resolved this by replacing the loop with the readlink 
command. This is part of gnu coreutils so I believe it should be 
available on pretty much any system.

Once that is fixed the wrapper dies because it can't find the JAVA_HOME 
environment variable. There is no way to set an environment variable so 
that it is available in the init scripts. In line with the debian 
guidelines[2] I would recommend adding a default JAVA_HOME in the script 
if one is not present, currently you only seem to do this for OS X. A 
sensible default could be something along the lines of

 > JAVA_EXE=`which java`
 > REAL_JAVA_EXE=`readlink -fn $JAVA_EXE`
 > export JAVA_HOME=`dirname $REAL_JAVA_EXE`/../../

2 questions;
1) How did the current documentation end up on the site if it could 
never have worked as intended? Have I missed something obvious?
2) Do you want me to submit a patch for my proposed changes?




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