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From jdeluxe <>
Subject Newbie continuum project design/behaviour questions
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2008 11:47:37 GMT


following issues:

I've got multiple projects build by ANT scripts. Most projects build one
jar. These jars are needed by the other projects to be build. At the moment
they are copied on the disk and "distibuted" via file system. I'd like
continuum to automatiocally build every jar in a standalone project and let
projects fetch the newest version out of continuum. How do I do this? Do I
need a continuum ANT task fetching the latest jar of a differnet project or
do I need to stay with the "one-ant-script-builds-all" solution?

I've got also one project where more jars will be build and some of them
even have dependencies again each other (think about multiple projects
merged together in one project). Like the question above I think about
setting up multiple continuum projects, each building one jar. Or is it
possible to do this in a single sontinuum project? 

When using multiple builds in one continuum project I expect them to be
executed sequentially one after another, is that true?

When using multiple continuum projects, will there also be running only one
build at the same time or will continuum build multithreaded (I'd expect

Thanks a lot!
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