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From Jules Gosnell <>
Subject Re: Recursive maven projects
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2008 15:42:08 GMT
Patrick Shea <patrick <at>> writes:

> When using a recursive maven project continuum does the right thing by
creating a project for each pom but it
> also means that the checkout will also be repeated for each project even if
it's not needed (ie: pom
> projects usually only contain one file, pom.xml)
> So in my case:
> pom1.xml
> +pom2.xml
> ++pom3.xml
> Continuum will create 3 projects but in my build areas projects 1 and 2 will
also checkout everything from
> project 3.
> I can't see an option to limit the checkout to be non recursive for project 1
and 2.
> Is there a way?
> Patrick

I have the same problem, but the show-stopper for me is that if I make
a change to a submodule. I find that this causes not only this
submodule and its upstream dependencies to be rebuilt (not just
refreshed), but also the top-level project and it's upstream
dependencies (i.e. all the submodules all over again).

I have only just set up our project in Continuum (1.1) and have been
very pleased with it so far, but this is a problem as our build time
is getting out of hand and I am trying to reduce the time taken
between the submission of a change and notification of

The double build, coupled with the time to update all the unused
submodules in the top-level modules CVS tree (on a slow CVS server) is
killing this aspiration :-(

I could probably move the top-level pom into a directory that is a
sibling to the other submodules, in the hope that it is the cvs update
spotting a change in a submodule which is causing the top-level pom's
project to be rebuilt - then the tlp would no longer physically
contain its submodules - but I would rather come up with less drastic

Perhaps a list of directories to somehow exclude from the cvs
checkout/update, which could be generated by looking at the modules
list ?

thanks for your time,


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