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From "Jan Nielsen" <>
Subject Missing 'scm' element in the POM.
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2008 20:25:18 GMT
In Continuum 1.1, installed as a WAR in GlassFish 9.1ur1 on Windows, I
have a multi-module Maven 2 POM being uploaded with a POM Url:


with appropriate username, password, "Defined by POM" project group,
and a checked "load only root as recursive build" and the default
build definition template ("Default"). I have enabled file scheme;
svn.exe is part of the %PATH%; and the pom.xml has the following scm
element (sub-modules do not have an SCM element):


The build from CLI with Maven 2.0.8 works fine, including the site
goal which uses the scm element data successfully in the StatScm
plugin; and this POM is successfully executed by Continuum 1.0.3 on
Tomcat 6.0 instance to build everything including the site goal which
includes the StatScm plugin.

I found a few relevant other posts like:

but in "myproj" is, in fact, in Subversion and the SCM URLs appear to
be correct.

Any ideas?



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