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From "Johnathan Gifford" <>
Subject Re: Release a multi modules project using Continuum
Date Mon, 18 Feb 2008 21:32:13 GMT
I think this is the same error I was running into a while back.  Do you have a special 'settings.xml'
file for your project or Maven installation?  If so, where are you placing that xml file for
Maven to find?  If it is Maven's 'conf' directory, that doesn't seem to work.  You may need
to create a .m2 directory in your home directory and put the settings.xml file there.  Once
I did that, the whole release mechanism in Continuum worked.  Not sure why Continuum didn't
pickup the settings.xml file from Maven's 'conf' directory.

Here's a link to Maven's documentation about the settings.xml file and the home directory
(for *nix and Windows):

Hope this helps,


>>> On Mon, Feb 18, 2008 at  1:47 PM, in message <>,
bfontaine <> wrote: 

> Hello ;
> I'm currently try to get the continuum's release button to work for my
> project.
> My project is a multi-module project with this kind of structure :
> projectRoot
>   -pom.xml
>   -subProjectMain
>     -- subProjectMain files
>     -- pom.xml  
>   - subProjectDependency
>     -- subProjectDependency files
>     -- pom.xml 
> ... and so on
> Every subProject pom inherit of the projectRoot pom, which, himself, inherit
> of my compagny superpom.
> When I execute the release:prepare goal with maven, everything works just
> fine. But when I'm trying to use continuum, I get an error at the second
> step of the process (generate-reactor-projects). I copied the stacktrace in
> the error.txt file 
> Error.txt 
> Obviously, maven can't find my compagny superpom.
> I would like to know if there is a way to configure the release plugin of
> Continuum so that my release would work.

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