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From bfontaine <>
Subject Re: Release a multi modules project using Continuum
Date Tue, 19 Feb 2008 16:11:33 GMT

Thanks for your quick replies ! 
I've got a setting.xml file in the maven installation repository of my
continuum server which is used when I'm lauching the release from a command
line, and indeed, it doesn"t seems to be used with continuum. So I gonna try
your tip. I can't try it now but I will be back after I would have tried. In
any case, thnak you very much for your help.

Johnathan Gifford wrote:
> I think this is the same error I was running into a while back.  Do you
> have a special 'settings.xml' file for your project or Maven installation? 
> If so, where are you placing that xml file for Maven to find?  If it is
> Maven's 'conf' directory, that doesn't seem to work.  You may need to
> create a .m2 directory in your home directory and put the settings.xml
> file there.  Once I did that, the whole release mechanism in Continuum
> worked.  Not sure why Continuum didn't pickup the settings.xml file from
> Maven's 'conf' directory.
> Here's a link to Maven's documentation about the settings.xml file and the
> home directory (for *nix and Windows):
> Hope this helps,
> Johnathan
>>>> On Mon, Feb 18, 2008 at  1:47 PM, in message
>>>> <>,
> bfontaine <> wrote: 
>> Hello ;
>> I'm currently try to get the continuum's release button to work for my
>> project.
>> My project is a multi-module project with this kind of structure :
>> projectRoot
>>   -pom.xml
>>   -subProjectMain
>>     -- subProjectMain files
>>     -- pom.xml  
>>   - subProjectDependency
>>     -- subProjectDependency files
>>     -- pom.xml 
>> ... and so on
>> Every subProject pom inherit of the projectRoot pom, which, himself,
>> inherit
>> of my compagny superpom.
>> When I execute the release:prepare goal with maven, everything works just
>> fine. But when I'm trying to use continuum, I get an error at the second
>> step of the process (generate-reactor-projects). I copied the stacktrace
>> in
>> the error.txt file 
>> Error.txt 
>> Obviously, maven can't find my compagny superpom.
>> I would like to know if there is a way to configure the release plugin of
>> Continuum so that my release would work.

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