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From Ken Turner <>
Subject Replaceable parameters in a shell build definition
Date Fri, 15 Feb 2008 08:27:59 GMT

I have a build definition which uses a .BAT file to pass parameters to ANT
using the %1 %2 %3 ... notation.

Several of the parameters are of the type -Dpropertyname=value, and I have
discovered that when running the job from a command prompt it is necessary
to enclose the parameter in double quotation marks, i.e.
-D"propertyname=value".  To assist in monitoring this I have temporarily
inserted the following line into my BAT file:

echo %1: %2: %3: %4: %5: %6: %7: %8: %9>c:\echo.txt

This is an example of the file echo.txt when running from the command prompt
with quotes:

-D"DeploymentTarget=dev": -D"ConfirmDeploymentTarget=y":
-D"GUIDeployOrNot=t": -D"SVSDeployOrNot=t": -D"BPELDeployOrNot=t":
DeployTRIPSGUI: DeployTRIPSServices: DeployBPEL: 

and this is without the quotes:

-DDeploymentTarget: dev: -DConfirmDeploymentTarget: y: -DGUIDeployOrNot: t:
-DSVSDeployOrNot: t: -DBPELDeployOrNot

It appears that without the quotes, DOS replaces the = sign with a space,
and so each parameter effectively becomes two parameters, and I start losing
some parameters altogether because the maximum number you can have is 9.

OK, so far the problem is not a Continuum one.  However I have replicated
the above example in a Continuum shell build definition, and discovered that
even with double quotes the file echo.txt is identical to the second example
above.  I therefore conclude that somewhere down the line Continuum is
stripping out my double quotes, and my build falls over.

What to do?

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