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From Martin Hoeller <>
Subject Re: [c1.1] mvn binary not found on path?
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2008 07:31:21 GMT
On 29 Jan 2008, Mick Knutson wrote:

> I am logging in as the admin user and mvn is indeed on my $PATH and I can
> validate that running mvn from anywhere works fine.
> But the same user starts up continuum and I keep getting an error the mvn
> can't be found....?
> Why is this happening?
> The build runs ok.

How can the build run if maven is not found?

Did you check the log files? What are they saying?

> But my emails are not getting sent out, and I can't add
> additional build definitions.

Emails are probably not sent out because continuum tries to execute maven
to get its version. If this is the case you get something like  this in
your logs: "NotificationException: Error while generating mail contents."

> Every time I talk about the above 2 errors, this list tells me I need to fix
> this 1st. So I am trying to, but I have no idea what is broken. Everything
> looks as it should to me, unless continuum on Tomcat is changing my
> $PATH....?

I'm pretty sure continuum doesn't tamper with your PATH. Are you running
on Windows or Linux? Try starting up continuum manually as the user you
want to and make sure maven is on your path right before starting
continuum. Do you still get the errors?

- martin
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