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From ossi petz <>
Subject Re: continuum 1.1 together with archiva 1.0 on tomcat 5.5
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2007 20:29:58 GMT

thanks for all replies.

the continuum settings are ok since it would run without archiva. the 
error appears on archiva is 'hot deployed' (start archiva with tomcat 
manager while continuum is running).

since the database is a container resource, can i use mysql instead? oh 
wiki! :-)

can archiva and continuum use the same user-database? (it all looks so 

i will try using mysql and come back later.



Brett Porter schrieb:
> from what I can see, the error is all about the continuum database -
> and the derby problem shouldn't be a concern since it's all in the one
> JVM.
> I think the settings for the continuum database should be double checked.
> On 04/12/2007, Ingo Siebert <> wrote:
>> Hi Ossi,
>> I posted the same problem today, but i don't use archiva.
>> If you find a solution, please let me know. :)
>> Ingo
>> ossi petz schrieb:
>>> Hallo
>>> I tried to install both archiva and continuum on the same tomcat 5.5.25
>>> / Java 1.5
>>> When i only install continuum things work fine. When i only install
>>> archiva things work too.
>>> When i install both continuum and archiva i end up with apache derby
>>> exceptions. archiva starts (i guess its because of its arc..< con..),
>>> continuum cant connect / create the database (see attached stacktrace).
>>> there is only a 'see next error'. i dont fully get the source of the
>>> problem. do i need to copy the derby.jar into each application? or
>>> should i use different resource names in the container configuration?
>>> any hints would be great!
>>> thanks
>>> ossi

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