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From Mark Eramo <>
Subject Re: Code checkout not happening
Date Tue, 18 Dec 2007 16:34:40 GMT
Hi Doug,
   Continuum should get the SCM information for the pom.xml. I have the 
Subversion connection information in my pom and it works fine. For 
example, I have the following in each of my pom.xml's

*  <!-- SCM Connection Information -->

We are using svnserve as a service to access the code and not apache 
thus the URL does not contain an http tag

I have build fresh checked off in continuum and it gets the code each 
time and performs the build

Keep an eye on the COntinuum log when you kick off the build to see what 
is going on. IT should at least give you some information in the log as 
to why the code is not being checked out.

Hope this helps.


Doug Knesek wrote:
> My scm is Subversion.
> I am running Continuum 1.1 and Maven 2.0.8.
> I believe that my scm url is correct.  I've been running maven builds
> manually for a while now.
> Doesn't continuum get the scm info that it uses from the pom?  Or is there
> somewhere else I have to set this information 
> Emmanuel Venisse wrote:
>> What is your scm?
>> Do you have a correct scm url?
>> Emmanuel
>> Doug Knesek a écrit :
>>> I have set up a pretty typical Maven2 Java project and trying to execute
>>> it
>>> using Continuum 1.1.
>>> I've set "Build Fresh" to true.
>>> It doesn't seem like continuum is actually doing a checkout of the
>>> project
>>> from the source code repository.  As a result, the maven compiler
>>> complains
>>> that there are "No sources to compile".  When I go look into the working
>>> directory, there is no code at all.
>>> When I previously used Continuum 1.0.3, it seemed that Continuum would,
>>> by
>>> default, checkout the code.  Is this still the case?  Or is there a
>>> setting
>>> I'm missing somewhere?
>>> Thanks in advance.
>>> - Doug

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