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From "Julien Stern" <>
Subject Confused by Continuum and Maven2 multimodule integration
Date Mon, 17 Dec 2007 17:32:06 GMT
Hi list,

when using Maven2, it appear to be recommended to have the following
directory structure for a multi-module build:

- pom.xml (parent pom of all modules)
--- module1
  +-- pom.xml
--- module2
  +-- pom.xml

When using such a structure with continuum, if I commit a change
in module28, then EVERY module will be rebuilt:
indeed the parent pom will be rebuilt because the change is "under"
its scm tree, and all the other modules will therefore we rebuilt
because of a "dependencies change" on the parent pom.

When trying to avoid this, I attempted to use the following structure:

--- parent
  +-- pom.xml
--- module1
  +-- pom.xml
--- module2
  +-- pom.xml

However, this prevents a number of M2 functionnalities, such as, for
instance, the usage of the release plugin for the whole project (as
far as I understood).

What are the best practices when using Continuum and M2 with multimodule
builds together ?

How does the Maven team avoids this issue when building Maven2 and
Continuum themselves with Continuum ?

Thanks in advance.


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