Hello, I’m currently evaluating CI tools and the time has come to Continuum. I decided to try the 1.1-beta4 because when the time comes to implement the CI into our organization I’m sure 1.1 has gone final.


I have installed the standalone version of continuum-1.1-beta-4 on windows 2003 server using MySQL 5.1. Everything seems to work until I try to register a new user. The database already contains the two users ‘admin’ and ‘guest’ from the installment. I receive the “Welcome to Maven Continuum” email as well even if I’m not registered in the database. I belive I have carefully set up things according to docs, but of course I may have made a mistake.


The log says:






java.sql.SQLException: Incorrect string value: '\xEF\xBF\xBD' for column 'FULL_NAME' at row 1



Does somebody know anything about this error? The entire log has been attached to this mail.



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