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From "Johnathan Gifford" <>
Subject Re: 1.1-beta-4 to 1.1 final data migration
Date Mon, 26 Nov 2007 19:28:24 GMT
> Just do what is asked (you need to have maven 2 installed), go to
> those url's, download the needed jar and add it to your local
> repository using the mvn install:install-file command.

Already done that, that's why I'm posting this thread.

> Apache can not host those files in their repository because of
> licensing issues...

Understand completely.

> If you have a company-wide repository you can add them there using the
> deploy:deploy-file command

It's in my local repository and the paths are there.  Maven is pointing to the local as the
first (and only)  lookup location.  

> As alternative option I suppose you can add the sun maven/maven2 repo
> to your ~/.m2/settings.xml (not sure)

Not a bad idea, but still didn't work.  I added the following in the path <settings>/<profiles>/<repositories>
to the conf/settings.xml file for Maven2:


That is how Sun instructed to set this up at their site (

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