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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: 1.1-beta-4 release comments
Date Fri, 02 Nov 2007 16:09:42 GMT

Madsen,Bryan a écrit :
> I love the "Queues" page. Great job everyone on implementing that
> functionality.
> I have some questions related to the email formatting functionality.
> Here is my configuration in the application.xml:
>         <subject-format>[MSVC Doc] BUILD ${state}: ${} -
> ${project.version} - ${project.scmTag}</subject-format>
>         <includeBuildResult>true</includeBuildResult>
>         <includeBuildSummary>true</includeBuildSummary>
> When I received my email the subject line looked like this: [MSVC Doc]
> BUILD SUCCESSFUL: dataobject-allergy - 1.0-SNAPSHOT - ${project.scmTag}
> Does the subject line only support up to 3 variable names? I tried other
> combinations with 4 variables and the last one was always treated as a
> literal.

It seems to be a bug, file an issue.

> In the build result email I no longer see the test summary section. How
> do I get that back? 

File an issue too.

> Example: 
> ************************************************************************
> ****
> Test Summary:
> ************************************************************************
> ****
> Tests: 3
> Failures: 0
> Total time: 7327
> Has anyone thought of including the Clover/Cobertura percentage in the
> summary? If that was added I would set
> <includeBuildResult>false</includeBuildResult> since I would have
> everything I need from an admin standpoint.

In a future version, we'll allow to add some plugins so you'll can add what you want if the
plugin exist. But we must design the new features and I don't know if it will be in 1.2 or

> Thanks,
> Bryan
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