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From kroe <>
Subject Does my POM have to know the full SCM path?
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2007 22:56:11 GMT

We use SVN as a source control system.  I am trying to implement
maven/continuum and am a bit confused.  Hopefully I am missing something...

In order for continuum to find a maven2 project in the source repository and
check it out, you need an scm entry in your POM.  It seems like this needs
to be the full path to the POM in the repository (e.g.
https://repositoryhost/repositoryname/trunk/myproject).  Like many
companies, we create branches for disruptive projects.  If the branch must
be included in the scm entry in the POM (e.g. trunk), then the POM would
need to be updated every time we create a branch or merge one back into the
trunk.  This sounds like a pain.  It seems to me like the POM should not
know or care what branch the code project is currently being developed from.  

I had envisioned having the trunk set up for continuous builds, and also
having each project branch set up for continuous builds.  Obviously I would
need to add the project branch to continuum for the continuous builds, but I
would rather not have to update the POM.

Is keeping the POM stable across branches and merges possible?  
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