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From "Damien Lecan">
Subject Re: When builds are done in multi-module projects ?
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2007 08:23:15 GMT
> ok, with two build def, it was easy to reproduce it :)

Ouf, I'm pleased to read that :-)

> After to check scm changes, Continuum look at dependencies changes. To do that, it look
only at dependencies that are continuum project too. For them, a new version is detected if
the latest build
> result of the dependency/project is more recent than the latest build result of the current
build definition. In case on more than one build def, we can't know if all build def of the
> generate an artifact or not, we know only if a new build was done and we add it in dependencies

It is what I suspected. Thanks to testing again

> unfortunately, I don't think we can't fix it for 1.1.

As you want, but I think this is a major issue. If it's not possible
for 1.1, I hope it will be for 1.1.1 !

Did you fill in a jira request to track this ?

Damien Lecan

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