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From "Eric D. Nielsen" <niels...@MIT.EDU>
Subject Multiple scheduled builds on the same project...
Date Wed, 31 Oct 2007 02:43:41 GMT
I'm a little confused over how multiple build definitiions on different
schedules interact within a project.  After reading several threads
it looks like my understand was correct, yet my installation doesn't
seem to behave as expected.

I have three schedules set up:
Every four hours

I have four build definitions
Hourly: clean test
Every four hours: clean integration-test
Nightly: clean install
Nightly: clean site site:deploy

When a SVN commit occurs, the next hourly build shows that it detects  
changes and builds.  The nightly and four-hourly builds don't seem to  
I thought that each schedule had its own "dirty" checker for SCM, so  
that the fact
that their were no changes since the hourly build shouldn't stop  
these other schedules
from running.  However when I looked in the continuum working  
directly, I see only a
single checked out project directory, so I wouldn't expect it to  
think that the project
needs to be built....

So my questions are

a) should the different builds function independently of each others  

b) if yes, where should I look to debug this?
c) if no, what's the correct configuration to establish my desired  
build schedules?

Thank you.


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