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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: Multiple scheduled builds on the same project...
Date Wed, 31 Oct 2007 14:28:30 GMT

Eric D Nielsen a écrit :
>> With the latest 1.1 beta (1.1-beta-4), you don't need to run a clean
>> build with a checkout.  All build definitions are independant and
>> found all changes from other builds since last execution even if
>> the update return nothing.
> Thanks.  I'll update ASAP and see how it goes.
>> We'll try to find a solution for this in 1.2, but your 2 nightly
>> builddef "clean install" + "site site:deploy" can be rewrite with
>> one builddef "clean install site-deploy"
> I have the same issue as Tonda,  I want the site built and deployed,
> even if the build fails -- for instance I want the new Surefire report
> and the new Cobertura report to be deployed.  (For instance if a
> cobertura check test or unit test failed, that should be reflected on the
> site.)
> I'm almost tempted to add the project multiple times to the project group,
> but I'm not sure how "legit" that would be.  Ie if I could add the project
> times.
>   Instance A: With the Unit/Integration Test builds
>   Instance B: Nightly Builds
>   Instance C: Site Builds
> Of course there's no way of giving a project an alias, or alternate description
> from whats in the POM, so that would get confusing fast.  On the upside, it
> would also separate the nearly always successful site builds from masking a
> failed nightly build.
> I could do the same with three different project groups... all containing the
> same project...  Are any of these options more normal for people's continuum
> configurations?

I don't recommend to add more than one instance of a project (same groupId/artifactId/version)
because it can generate some weird result like wrong ordering or wrong dependencies check


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