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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: Project group and project build definition - explain it better
Date Tue, 30 Oct 2007 09:01:34 GMT

Raffaele a écrit :
> Why does nobody answer? I haven't asked the moon...

hehe, we reply when we can ;)

> However, I have encountered another strange problem.
> It is the second time that I try to schedule a NIGHTLY build, I do a svn
> change before going home (18:00) so as triggering a nightly build set in
> this way:
> NIGHTLY goal: clean deploy site
> Second:  0	
> Minute:  0	
> Hour:  0	
> Day of Month: *	
> Month: 	*
> Day of Week:  ?
> Maximum job execution time (seconds): 0
> Quiet Period (seconds): 0
> Well, it is the second time that when next morning I open my mail reader, I
> see a build notification mail at 19:01
> I have also a group project build definition scheduled with the
> DEFAULT_SCHEDULE (Run hourly), but I'm sure that it isn't executed as in the
> mail I read that are executed the goals of NIGHTLY build.

What is your continuum version, always 1.1-alpha-2? We fixed some things on build def executions
and since beta-3, they are totally independant of others on the same project.
(If you don't have beta-3 yet, you can wait few days for the update because beta-4 will be
available this week.)

> P.S.: will be possible to make appear in the notification e-mail also the
> schedule name besides the executed goal?

Not yet, but file an issue and we'll look at it.

> Thanks again, best regards
> Raffaele
> Raffaele wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> because of lack of documentation, and as you can see in the many threads
>> in this mailing list about the above subjcet, I ask here to Continuum team
>> to help all of us to use correclty without doubts and surprises the
>> project group build definition and project build definition.
>> 1) In particular I'd like to know what does "Build Fresh" mean?
>> 2) When the time of a schedule has arrived, do all build definitions
>> (group/project) are executed or only those set to default true?
>> Thanks in advance and best regards.
>> Raffaele

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