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From Nick Stolwijk <>
Subject Re: version and artifact management
Date Thu, 25 Oct 2007 17:42:35 GMT
You are looking for the release plugin [1]. Use the batch-mode to do it 
from continuum. (

mvn --batch-mode release:prepare)

Test it first on a simple project, but I guess you CI task will execute "mvn release:prepare
release perform --batch-mode".


Nick Stolwijk


deckrider wrote:
> I am new to maven and continuum, and have downloaded the latest stable
> version of continuum and done some simple tests.
> However, I would like to do the following, and I don't know how
> (barely even how to ask):
> Our version numbers are something like MAJOR.MINOR.MICRO.  I would
> like each build to automatically increment MICRO and build / svn tag
> as such, as well as save the artifacts somewhere.
> I would be grateful for any pointers or documentation as to how this
> might be done.

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