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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: Guest security in 1.1-beta-3
Date Wed, 10 Oct 2007 06:41:31 GMT
Look at this file (,
it defines all roles and inheritence between each roles.
If you write a patch, I don't think it will be in 1.1 but you'll have it for your instance.


Tom Schneider a écrit :
> Could this be split out, or is it too late for 1.1 series?  I'd be willing to
> create a patch if I can figure it out.  This is a critical enough issue for
> us that I'm considering taking another look at hudson.
> Tom
> Emmanuel Venisse wrote:
>> Tom Schneider a écrit :
>>> I'd like to configure the guest account in Continuum 1.1-beta-3 to work
>>> like
>>> it did in 1.0.3.  The guest account should only be able to see the
>>> projects
>>> and kick off a build manually, but not add a project or do any other
>>> administrative tasks. (Essentially the guest behavior in 1.0.3)  Is there
>>> a
>>> way to do this?  
>>> None of the built-in roles support this subset of access.  From what I
>>> can
>>> tell, the role 'Continuum Group Project User' allows a user to see the
>>> projects, but not kick off a build manually.  The role 'Continuum Group
>>> Project Developer' allows a user to kick off a build, but also to added
>>> new
>>> poms and other stuff that I don't want guest to do.
>> The build role is a part of the project group developer and can't be
>> split.
>> Emmanuel

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