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From Stuart James Penrose <>
Subject Re: Maven2 SNAPSHOT-artifacts in Continuum
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2007 17:06:59 GMT
noon wrote:
> I knew it... once I decided to post something, I come up with something :)
> I got it working by adding the -U argument to the Maven goal attributes
> (goals: mvn clean test  arguments: --batch-mode --non-recursive -U).
> I haven't figured out why I need to add this -U argument? Is it because
> Continuum refreshes the SNAPSHOT versions is some period of time or
> something else?
If I'm understanding you right, it sounds like you're running into the 
specifics of maven's '<updatePolicy>' settings.  '<updatePolicy>' is a 
tag that you can put in your repository definition (either in the pom 
for your project or in settings.xml) that controls how often maven goes 
out to check to see if newer snapshots exist.  I think the default
is 'daily', but you can change it to 'always' I think if that's what you 

So, in other words, it's just a matter of how you setup the maven 
install that continuum uses, not a continuum-specific thing per se.



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